1st Dual Stack Threat Feed

Mrlooquer has created the first threat feed focused on systems with dual stack. Since IPv6 protocol has begun to be part of malware and fraud communications, It is necessary to detect and mitigate the threats in both protocols (IPv4 and IPv6).

We analyze and generate daily our dual stack threat feed. You can download below the IOCs we’ve seen in the last 7 days. However, you can access to all our threat database in our IPLake service.

Data generated: 2021-09-20 16:06 GMT

Total: 191,435 IOCs

Malware: 53,275 IOCs

Fraud: 128,541 IOCs

Anonymization: 9,619 IOCs

Dual stack IOCs with CVEs (7 days)

IPv6 CVE Nº Ports Domains
2a01:238:430a:5700:d535:... 30 19 mail.thyssentishman.com
2804:431:c7d5:bea2:728a:... 15 5 200-161-47-21.dsl.telesp.net.br
2a01:4f8:1c1c:5bd1::1 30 4 static.
2a01:4f8:c2c:4f77::1 30 4 static.
2400:8901::f03c:92ff:fea... 30 4 li1616-170.members.linode.com
2604:a880:400:d0::21e9:2... 30 4
2a03:94e0:2660:4819:623:... 30 8 static.
2400:8907::f03c:92ff:fe4... 30 4 li2065-222.members.linode.com
2600:1f18:43d1:2a04:ee05... 15 5 de-nis-ner-mi-5.info
2604:a880:400:d0::1c8d:f... 30 5 acrossthemoat.com

Top IPv6 prefixes by IOCs (7 days)

IPv6 Count ASN Number Country
2606:4700:30::/64 45,568 13335 US
2606:4700:3033::/64 4,217 13335 US
2606:4700:3037::/64 4,213 13335 US
2606:4700:3035::/64 4,135 13335 US
2606:4700:3031::/64 3,972 13335 US
2606:4700:3034::/64 3,447 13335 US
2606:4700:3036::/64 3,409 13335 US
2606:4700:3032::/64 3,371 13335 US
2606:4700:3030::/64 3,272 13335 US
2a00:15f8:a000:5::/64 2,989 25532 RU

Who Is Involved?

IOC FEED by MrLooquer is based on Open Source Intelligence and key partnerships with Cybersecurity Industry leads companies.
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